George Lawrence

George Lawrence

George Lawrence is a professional drummer in Memphis, Tennessee whose career highlights include:

  • Recording sessions on major label rock, pop, country and jazz albums in Nashville, L.A. and Muscle Shoals.
  • From 2004 to 2015, Recording and Touring drummer for legendary country-rock pioneer band POCO
  • Owner of George’s Drum Shop, Not So Modern Drummer Magazine and
  • Teacher of many high profile pro drummers including Keith Carlock, Gregg Lohman and Seth Rausch.

Hailing from Jackson Mississippi,

George has lived and worked in the major music centers of Los Angeles, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals Alabama, recording and touring around the world with some of the best musicians and major recording artists. He is known for his “deep pocket groove” and his ability to inspire other musicians to play their best. During the nineties he built a reputation as one of the top sub drummers in the Nashville music scene and nation wide. Able to fill in with national recording artists on a moment’s notice with no rehearsal, George has been working constantly as a “ringer” or “pinch hitter”. He subbed a couple of gigs with POCO in 1999 which led to his becoming a member of that band from 2004 to 2015.

A truly versatile jack of all trades and “master of some”, he has played funk, R&B, soul music, blues, country, classic rock, pop, big band jazz, be-bop jazz and jazz-rock fusion music. He has spent many years as a recording studio “session cat” and reads standard transcription and Nashville number charts flawlessly. He has played drum set in every imaginable setting including concert arenas, videos, TV, clubs, churches, symphony orchestras, and clinics.